• Pet Friendly Apartments in Toronto - Hyde Park

Is Hyde Park a townhouse complex?

Not quite, at Hyde Park in Leaside we offer unique one, two or 2-level three-bedroom unfurnished apartments all with two bathrooms.


What appliances come with the apartments?

All apartments feature five appliances; the washer, dryer, fridge, stove and dishwasher.


Where is the laundry room located?

We don't have a laundry room! All apartments at Hyde Park conveniently come with a washer and dryer! 


Are there any amenities?

Hyde Park is located within walking distance to dining, shopping, fitness facilities, doctors and dentist offices as well as, entertainment and grocery stores. Pure Fitness is located a short walk away from Hyde Park and offers special pricing for our tenants. Sobeys and Longo's are within walking distance and Loblaw's and Super Centre are just a short drive away!


Is Hyde Park pet friendly?

Hyde Park prides itself on being a pet friendly community! Dog waste bins are conveniently located throughout the common area pathways throughout the property.


Who lives at Hyde Park?

Hyde Park is a diverse community. From young professionals to families to retirees, our quiet, friendly community is a place that our tenants are proud to call home.


If something breaks or malfunctions in an apartment, whose responsibility is it to have it fixed?

Our friendly and helpful maintenance staff is always happy to help. We have two superintendants that live onsite and complete regular repairs (including appliance repairs) five days a week. One of the superintendants is always on call for emergencies and is only a phone call away!  Most requests for repairs are completed within 48 hours.


Who is responsible for snow removal or landscaping?

Snow removal and landscaping are definitely not something that our tenants have to worry about! We are happy to employ professional landscaping and snow removal companies to help keep Hyde Park looking its best.


Which schools can children living at Hyde Park attend?

Hyde Park is within the district for some of the best schools that Toronto has to offer.  The children of the Hyde Park community can attend Leaside High school, Bennington Heights Elementary School, Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School as well as Maria Montessori Preschool and Elementary School.


Is parking always available?

At Hyde Park, underground parking spots are always available. The underground garages were built to accommodate two vehicles per apartment with lots of visitor parking spots.


Where do visitors park?

The visitor parking spots are located in the underground garages. Access is simple, visitors just punch in the code associated with the tenant they are visiting. The visitor will then be connected to the tenant; all the tenant has to do is press number "9" on their phone for the garage door to open.


What can I do with extra belongings that I wish to store for extended periods?

At Hyde Park, we provide extra storage lockers as an ideal way to store tenant's personal items. These are located in the underground garages of the phases.


How much does it cost to rent a storage locker?

Our storage locker prices vary between phases due to the size difference in lockers. In Phase Two, the storage lockers available are approximately 6ft. x 3ft. in size and in Phase Five, the storage lockers available are approximately 6ft. x 10ft. in size.


Where can I store my bicycle?

At Hyde Park, we understand that long-term bike parking is important for tenants. Located in the underground garages, tenants have the pleasure of securing their bicycles to racks for safe and convenient storage.


Are there walking or riding trails close to Hyde Park?

Hyde Park in Leaside is conveniently located steps away from many walking and riding trails. Some of the most popular trails lead to Sunnybrook Park, Wilket Creek Park and Serena Gundy Park.


If I do not have a car where is the closest bus stop?

With two bus routes to choose from – you will never have to worry about getting around the city! Right outside your doorstep you will find the stop for bus 88-South Leaside, westbound to St Clair Station. Located two minutes away, at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue East and Brentcliffe Road, you will find a bus stop for buses 34, 100, 54 and 51 all westbound to Eglinton Station. Bus 34 will go eastbound to Kennedy Station and 100 will go southbound to Broadview Station.


How long does it take to go to the subway?

It takes 20-25 minutes to get to either St Clair or Eglinton subway station from Hyde Park. For more information on these routes, or any other, please visit www.ttc.ca.


What is the closest subway stop?

The closest subway stop from Hyde Park is St Clair subway station.


How often does the bus run?

The bus schedule, which can be found online at www.ttc.ca , indicates that buses mentioned above run every 15 minutes.


Where would I do my grocery shopping?

Hyde Park is close to a variety of grocery stores. The closest is Sobeys, which is located at 147 Laird Drive – an 8 minute walk from Hyde Park. Another great grocery store within walking distance is Longo's, located at 93 Laird Drive.


Where is the nearest Starbucks?

The nearest Starbucks is located at 147 Laird Drive, an 8 minute walk from Hyde Park.


Is HomeSense located across the street?

Most definitely! HomeSense is located just across the street from Hyde Park. Within the same plaza, you'll also find Marshalls and Staples.


I have a dog – is Hyde Park pet friendly?

We welcome every member of the family – including your pets!


How far is Leonard Linton Park from my front door?

Leonard Linton Park is located across from Hyde Park on Vanderhoof Avenue. This park is perfect for a family picnic, friendly basketball game with your neighbours or a leisurely walk with your pets.


How long will it take me to walk to Sunnybrook Park?

Sunnybrook Park is a 3 km distance from Hyde Park. This would take about 20-25 minutes to walk to.